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No Thank You, I Think I Will Carry on My Luggage


As if it didn’t cost you enough to book your airfare, likely a hotel and even possibly a rental car to get around in once you’ve landed but now you have to pay to bring your clothes, your favorite black shoes and that book on kama sutra you have buried in the bottom of your suitcase. With the majority of airlines charging as high as $25 for each suitcase you check traveling with just a carry-on is becoming more and more appealing to the masses. Not to mention the worry that is lost when you no longer need to be concerned about losing your luggage. Certainly it is easy enough to travel with no more than a carry on if you’re going for away for only a weekend, or you are staying with that relative that wears the same size pants you wear. What if you are going away for two weeks? What if you are going away for two months? Whether you are traveling internationally or domestically, for two weeks or two months you can do so with only a carry-on. Not only can you just have a carry on but you can have extra room to bring home all those shot glasses and t-shirts you’re buying as souvenirs for your family too. Below is a run through of the ins and outs of packing to carry-on.

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